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“I tried everything to get them to leave my house. When they moved in they were dressed nice and drove up in a new car. So I thought they were ok. Well after 3 months they stopped paying the rent. They were late on the last 2 months. When I asked for the rent they told me to go away they new their rights….So I learned my lesson. I reported them to www.MauiBadTenant.com so nobody will ever have to go through what I have. My parents house was always clean and the yard was perfect. Mom would work hours on the roses. After 3 months this is what they left me with. Next time I will use www.MauiBadTenant.com before I rent.”

Mrs. Nakamoto
Wailuku, Maui Hawaii

Tenant Screening Maui
Tenant Screening Maui


“I own a house in Maui Meadows in Kihei Hawaii. I am always careful who I rent to. I interview and check references. I had this very nice couple in their 40’s looking to rent my house. I was asking $4,500.00 per month. They drove up in a new Lexus and told me they where software writers and they have a new 5 year contract here in Maui. I called the work number and everything checked out. One of my coworkers told me about www.MauiBadtenant.com and I should try it. So I paid the $29.99 and what I got back was worth thousands.

As it turned out they had 6 Judgments for Possessions against them 4 on Oahu, one on Kauai, and one here in Maui. But the most distressing thing was they had a MO. They would rent a house and pay the deposit and first months rent. On the third month they would run ads on Craig’s List for furniture and paintings for sale. They would hold garage sales and sell all the interior items and move out when the Process Server would show up with the complaint for summery possession. They would not show up in court so a monetary judgment could not be issued and move out on the court date. The worked the system.

I paid $29.99 that saved me thousands. Thank you Mauibadtenant.com

When I asked them about the other case files they gave me the bird and walked out.”

Mrs. Janis White
Maui Meadows, Hawaii



“I live in Alaska and I have a condo in Lahaina. I cannot afford a Property Manager so I have to be very careful who I rent to. Since my condo is on the ocean I get allot of applications and I interview them over the phone. I try and pull credit reports when I can. Now that I use www.mauibadtenant.com I can see if they have any evictions in the past plus and criminal backgrounds. I recently received an application from what I thought was a good candidate. I paid for a www.mauibadtenant.com report and when I cross checked I noticed they did not include two prior rental address’s and the social security number they gave me was different. When I questioned them they hung up… I hate to imagine what would have happened if I rented to them.”

Eric C.  Freeman
Juno, Alaska



“As a Real Estate Agent I am asked to help my buyers manage their properties. I do not like this aspect of the job but you have to do what you have to to keep the buyers happy because they will buy again and or sell. I do the screening of renters and give my best recommendation possible. Since I started using www.mauibadtenant.com I can see if the tenant has been evicted here in Hawaii and see if they have been arrested.

One time when I ran the report I got back that there where 3 TRO’s ( Temporary Restraining Orders) taken out on the husband by the wife as well as misdemeanor charges for drug possession and intent to sell in Maui.

Well that one was easy to eliminate.

Thanks to MBT”

Roger L Kline (R)



Dear Maui Bad Tenant,

OMG, Look what they did to my cottage in 6 months, Everything was destroyed. I just posted / reported  Mr. & Mrs. XXXXXXXX to your web site. I hope they do not do this to anyone else. No Respect!!

The look and acted real nice and they even had good jobs. We were devastated when we did our 6 month check on the cottage. They were always on time with the rent and never complained.

Please make sure nobody else gets burned like we did.

We will use your web site from now on.


Thanks MBT,
God Blessings,

Mr & Mrs Blando

Tenant Background Check Maui
Tenant Background Check Maui
Tenant Background Check Maui